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Sha Commit date Commit message Author
5cf3845a 2024-03-13 merge develop into master for version 3.2.0 Adam Evyčędo
6a828bdf 2024-03-13 release version 3.2.0 Adam Evyčędo
b1dcf17f 2024-03-09 add missing pl and it translations Adam Evyčędo
a3855a9e 2024-03-08 Translated using Weblate (German) Ettore Atalan
681c04d2 2024-03-08 Translated using Weblate (German) Ettore Atalan
32104f0d 2024-03-09 show last update in departures Adam Evyčędo
bb73b67b 2024-03-09 fix refreshing departures Adam Evyčędo
932e7fde 2024-03-04 use offline FeedInfo to read QR codes Adam Evyčędo
a2bb7e7c 2024-03-04 fix appearing unconfigured feeds after filtering Adam Evyčędo
0b083f6c 2024-03-04 update gradle Adam Evyčędo
027a562d 2024-03-04 change stop icons and scale icons on map Adam Evyčędo
610865e8 2024-03-02 filter feeds when more than 12 in feed chooser Adam Evyčędo
e5c7dc93 2024-03-02 fade switch of newly-configured feeds Adam Evyčędo
3877e1e4 2024-03-02 add missing copyright info Adam Evyčędo
ab6f3b27 2024-03-02 show feed name in search results Adam Evyčędo
290277d0 2024-03-02 handle buttons in about activity Adam Evyčędo
ece2d164 2024-03-02 use new methods to get intent extras Adam Evyčędo
9e68a8d6 2024-03-02 add view model to departures Adam Evyčędo
58f495a8 2024-02-27 fix feed chooser Adam Evyčędo
717e18b9 2024-02-23 load more departures Adam
7aa225cb 2024-02-26 support c responses Adam Evyčędo
cdb6664d 2024-02-26 notify only about changed items in lists Adam Evyčędo
1f89ad74 2024-02-24 Merge branch 'develop' into translations Adam Evyčędo
ae0b9801 2024-02-24 support offline feed settings Adam Evyčędo
b1b790c9 2024-02-22 cache feeds and save their settings Adam Evyčędo
67f5b3aa 2024-02-20 Added translation using Weblate (Norwegian Bokmål) Languages add-on
d5fea962 2024-02-20 Added translation using Weblate (English (United Kingdom)) Languages add-on
fa001e2a 2024-02-20 Added translation using Weblate (German) Languages add-on
b25989e8 2024-02-16 add about screen Adam
dfc6a232 2023-11-09 resolve conflict Adam Evyčędo
3f7a1d01 2024-02-15 migrate buildconfig Adam Evyčędo
074369c5 2024-02-15 REUSE compliance Adam Evyčędo
a5742efa 2024-02-15 add weblate to readme Adam Evyčędo
002fee30 2024-02-15 split responses to own files Adam Evyčędo
77747756 2024-02-15 update dependecies Adam Evyčędo
b70fbb75 2023-11-10 merge fix3.1.1 into master for version 3.1.1 Adam
1345b8a5 2023-11-09 v3.1.1 version Adam Evyčędo
67d2f846 2023-11-09 metadata for 3.1.1 Adam Evyčędo
10eb297d 2023-11-09 fix continue button in server choosing Adam Evyčędo
d1aa12a4 2023-11-09 conflict Adam Evyčędo
ce775ad3 2023-11-09 merge fix3.1.1 into master for version 3.1.1 Adam Evyčędo
33ac1c62 2023-11-09 v3.1.1 version Adam Evyčędo
12e02744 2023-11-09 metadata for 3.1.1 Adam Evyčędo
f4014276 2023-11-09 fix continue button in server choosing Adam Evyčędo
fa67fce3 2023-10-11 add all line types in LineTypeV3 Adam Evyčędo
0ada12de 2023-09-06 updates Adam
c6594b28 2023-06-27 merge develop into master for version 3.1.0 Adam
3d8e5ccb 2023-06-27 fix tagging in release script Adam
afd4ccad 2023-06-27 release version 3.1.0 (22) Adam
ee83e5f1 2023-06-27 fix release script Adam
4e51fbe3 2023-06-27 add batong responses Adam
4e32d5f0 2023-06-23 add Italian translation Adam
ac5b34e7 2023-06-22 change names of exceptions Adam
61a0f890 2023-06-22 Enums in Vehicle and Alert Adam
e9429273 2023-06-21 full name Adam
0bb91ee8 2023-06-21 handle unknown resource Adam
27a78550 2023-06-21 todos, formatting, dependencies Adam
6f3fdb0e 2023-06-21 add line graph Adam
ce9129d4 2023-06-20 update studio Adam
84ed2443 2023-06-20 show Line result (but not yet LineActivity) Adam
000f62a6 2023-06-14 show Line result (but not yet LineActivity) Adam
969b5000 2023-06-12 show sole stop’s departures only when searching by query Adam
650fe76e 2023-06-06 taller bar in font, updates Adam
8a26cf3e 2023-06-05 remove todos Adam
118fb95e 2023-06-05 QR codes in Metropolis GZM Adam
73cee3f1 2023-06-02 ask for departures from specific feed Adam
cef1d5a9 2023-06-02 fix saving localities Adam
009e4093 2023-06-02 add repository between application and api, and begin adding TRAFFIC v2 Adam
7feea338 2023-06-02 polish language and per-app languages Adam
59aefa30 2023-06-02 go to departures if result is only one Adam
8fc7431e 2023-05-26 show dialog after not getting location permission Adam
e056a460 2023-05-26 glide to vehicle on minimap Adam
24ea400b 2023-05-26 advanced settings Adam
f595c035 2023-05-26 format last updated date in feed info Adam
c0d2b3b7 2023-05-23 fruchtfleisch: fix unmarshalling strings Adam
a9f0f74d 2023-05-17 fix network on main thread Adam
8cca3b9e 2023-05-16 reformatting Adam
2f07c371 2023-05-16 add searching by Open Location Code (plus code) Adam
31dba132 2023-05-16 update dependencies and config Adam
47cced3e 2023-05-16 use java 17 target Adam
1c87e0e3 2023-05-11 clean up Adam
37cf3b44 2023-05-11 change search bar to Material Adam
fe1e6d74 2023-05-10 Material You theme with system colours Adam
493fbd99 2023-05-09 error handling in suggestions Adam
a957446c 2023-05-09 add positions to format strings Adam
2cb57ef1 2023-05-09 dependency updates Adam
83bcaa9d 2023-05-09 android 12 features: monochrome launcher icon and predictive back Adam
5a9e112a 2023-05-09 tools and dependency updates Adam
f1350174 2023-04-25 add release script Adam
87002ad8 2023-04-21 cleanup Adam
83f926c0 2023-04-21 reproducible builds Adam
d9780e5b 2023-04-12 Merge branch 'develop' for version 3.0 Adam
ed2f67b1 2023-04-12 version 3.0 Adam
8f692271 2023-04-12 metadata Adam
9f1a3c41 2023-04-12 freeze api (arex); add readme, code of conduct and license Adam
03e7c036 2023-04-12 fixup font Adam
a9046e4c 2023-04-12 fixup fruchtfleisch Adam
05b93a19 2023-04-12 fixup fruchtfleisch Adam
b6f77aff 2023-04-12 change font to proper yellowcirlce8 Adam
04d9b254 2023-04-12 separate fruchtfleisch Adam